117 Manning Road, Double Bay

This development proposed the demolition of the existing dwelling on site and the construction of a new dwelling. Designed by Tony Owen NDM, the proposal incorporated a contemporary dwelling house, landscaping and associated car parking.

GSA Planning provided traffic, parking and planning advice for this development and prepared a Statement of Environmental Effects and Demolition Report to support the application. At the time, the existing dwelling was found to have limited historical value associated with early 20th Century subdivisions and residential dwellings developed in Double Bay. However, GSA Planning established that the dwelling was not a good example of a particular building style and could therefore be suitably replaced, subject to obtaining the necessary approval.

Our company also established that, even though the proposal did not comply with the maximum FSR, landscaped area and the rear setback controls under Woollahra Council’s DCP, it did comply with the building footprint and the proposed areas of non-compliance were justified from a planning point of view. The dwelling has since become a contemporary and evolutionary feature for Manning Road and Double Bay.