53 Hardy Street, Dover Heights

In 2008, GSA Planning provided development advice and prepared planning documentation to accompany a development application to Waverley Council for the demolition of the existing dwelling house and the erection of a part two and part three storey dwelling at No. 53 Hardy Street, Dover Heights. The application was approved in 2009.

The design of the building is unique and progressive. The 3 curved design elements break up the scale of the massing and results in a dynamic and sculptural development. The facades are articulated to minimise continuous walls. The development is of the highest design quality and makes a visually interesting and positive contribution to the area.

GSA Planning was further involved with this site when an application to modify the conditions of consent of the 2009 Approval was lodged with Council. GSA Planning prepared the Statement of Environment Effects for the application, which included a change to the internal access arrangements and the material of the approved fence.