Hale Street, Botany

GSA Planning provided planning and traffic advice to the owner and tenants of the site at 1A Hale Street over a period of many years. The entire site has an area of 12.9 hectares, and contains nine industrial units. The industrial site in Botany was purchased by Heine Property Management Pty Ltd in 1995, at which time it became evident that the previous owners had been less than diligent in ensuring that the uses and buildings on the site complied with all Council requirements.

Over the ensuing years the new owners initiated meetings with Council and put in motion a program of improvements to upgrade the property and bring it into line with Council requirements. In particular, a program of upgrading the buildings to meet requirements of Building Code of Australia (BCA) was implemented. The Analysis of Car Parking Requirements – 1A Hale Street, Botany (1996), prepared by GSA Planning, provided car parking requirements specific to this site, which were agreed by Council. Additionally, a number of long standing tenancies have been formalised by way of formal development applications to authorise such uses. GSA Planning was involved in many of these applications.

GSA Planning also lodged a Section 96 Modification application in order to vary the hours of operation. The only potential impact resulting from the proposed modification to the consent was that of noise related to on site or noise on the roads generated by the trucks accessing the site prior to 7.00am. GSA Planning demonstrated that Council and EPA noise criteria were readily met during night time and the modification was not likely to adversely affect the amenity of the surrounding residences. The proposal complied with the relevant acoustic goals for the site and the modifications were approved.