Willoughby Market Gardens

This proposal was for earth and infrastructure works at the Willoughby Market Gardens in Willoughby. In 2003, following extensive consultation and a number of revisions, Willoughby City Council adopted a Masterplan for the subject site at Willoughby Gardens.

The Masterplan involved the removal of approximately 23,000m3of fill, the treatment/removal of contaminated soil, the introduction of cross site pedestrian links and the framework for 80 residential units in duplex and townhouse forms.

GSA Planning prepared the Traffic Management Plan to accompany the development application to Willoughby City Council for earthworks and infrastructure works at the Willoughby Market Gardens in Willoughby as part of the Master Plan.

GSA’s Traffic Management Plan provided details of the types of vehicles used for the proposed works, the quantity and method of disposal, the access points, the management works and the traffic routes for heavy traffic. Our company established that the likely traffic to be generated by the earthworks and infrastructure works was appropriate from a traffic and amenity point of view.