Kent Road, Rose Bay

GSA Planning provided planning advice for the redevelopment of this unique site in Kent Road, Rose Bay which retained an existing dwelling and proposed a residential flat building for the adjoining site.

The site was subject to a Rose Bay wide covenant restricting the development on the subject site. Accordingly, GSA Planning played a major role in modifying the covenant, which involved an extensive consultation process and representation to the Supreme Court.

The project was designed by Tanner and Associates and comprised a three (3) storey residential flat building containing ten (10) dwellings. GSA Planning provided urban design and planning advice and prepared the Statement of Environmental Effects.

Subsequently, the owners engaged Ercole Palazetti to prepare an alternative design for the residential flat building. This resulted in GSA Planning pursuing a further variance to the covenant, providing urban design and planning advice, preparing a Statement of Environmental Effects and making representation to Council.

The project has now been completed and forms an integral part of the development along Kent Road, when viewed from the Royal Sydney Golf Club.