Loftus Road, Darling Point

GSA Planning provided design development advice and prepared a Statement of Environmental Effects and Traffic and Parking Assessment to accompany a development application to Woollahra Council for the demolition of the existing two (2) dwelling-houses and construction of a residential flat building. The development, which has been designed by JPR Architects, incorporated four (4) units and car parking for nine (9) vehicles and was approved by Council in September 2008. GSA Planning established that the development would not impact on the view of iconic elements such as the Harbour Bridge and Centrepoint Tower.

The development has an appearance of 2-3-storeys when viewed from Loftus Road, which is considered to be sympathetic to the streetscape. Since the surrounding development comprises an eclectic mix of size, style and design, there is no consistent ‘design’ character in the street. The contemporary, highly articulated and modulated building maintains the scenic qualities of the street and the views enjoyed from surrounding properties and the public domain the development has had a positive impact on the character of the area.