New Beach Road, Darling Point

The project at New Beach Road, Darling Point involved the demolition of an existing single storey dwelling with four (4) garages, and the construction of a residential flat building. The development, which was designed by Andre Porebski & Associates Pty Ltd, incorporated a four (4) storey residential flat building and parking at grade for seven (7) vehicles. GSA Planning provided planning & urban design advice and prepared a SEE and demolition report to accompany the development application to Woollahra Council.

The proposal was designed to be in context with the eclectic development in New Beach Road. The single storey dwelling that previously existed was considerably smaller than surrounding development, appearing as a ‘missing tooth’ in the New Beach Road streetscape. The site constraints and topography have resulted in non-conforming development along New Beach Road, with recently approved developments exceeding height and FSR controls. Whilst the proposal had non-compliances, a complying scheme would have resulted in an inconsistent form in the context of the streetscape.