Section 94 Contributions

GSA Planning has had an ongoing involvement in Section 94 Contributions and Development Agreements since the introduction of these mechanisms for financing infrastructure.

GSA Planning provided expert evidence at the Commission of Inquiry for Section 94 and we have prepared a number of contribution plans since that time. We have also been involved in challenging Section 94 Contribution Plans on behalf of clients where a nexus cannot be found to the sought after contribution.

We have also provided expert evidence in the Court relating to the validity of Section 94 Contribution Plans and therefore have a considerable level of expertise in this aspect of the development process to offer to clients.

Development Agreements are reasonably new in New South Wales although they have been used for a number of years in Queensland. We have experience in the preparation of Development Agreements in both Queensland and New South Wales. In particular in New South Wales we have prepared the following development agreements:

• Landcom and Randwick City Council – Prince Henry
• Illawarra Catholic Club and Hurstville City Council